SourceMod 1.6.3

| Автор: | Оценка: 5.0 | Голосов: 1
User Changes:
Updated game support for TF2, CS:GO, No More Room in Hell, Insurgency, PVK2 and Fistful of Frags.
Made changes to make TF2, CSS, DoDS, HL2DM, and SDK 2013 mods less likely to break on game update (PR 174, PR 192).
Added support for longer key names in languages.cfg (to fix Portuguese) (bug 6282, PR 208).

Developer Changes:
Updated TF2 player condition and holiday enums (Ross "Powerlord" Bemrose) (PR 183, PR 181).
Add support for TF2 player conditions >= 96 for condition functions/forwards (PR 205).
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Аватар _RAZOR_
_RAZOR_  »  написал:
Так быстро выходят версий сур мода :)
Аватар G@L
[email protected]  »  написал:
Он старый, у же есть версия 1,7,0
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