EventScripts Public Beta v2.1.1.370

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All games should now have the right VDF files
Various crash fixes
Added support for ES scripts to set server variables like the console would (e.g. "es" now sets them properly)
On L4D+, changing es.regcmd() to support unregistering old concommands before registering them if they were registered outside ES
Removing unnecessary extra carriage return that seems to cause periodic issues with "es" and other commands.
Lookup*ByUserid() methods were wasting time (and sometimes crashing) when looking for negative userids. Now they only seek if userid >= 1.
Fixed bug with setting float to 0, so it sets it to 0.0
Fixing problem with es.setInt() for a variable that doesn't exist. We weren't passing the create flag. (Fix for ESC issue reported by Chun.)

Fixes (in build 366):
Fixed problems caused by Apr 14 release of Source engine in OrangeBox
Removed a client-side crash exploit
Includes 2010 cfglib fix to properly call es.mexec

Fixes (in build 370):
Fixed problems caused by Jun 23 release of Source engine in OrangeBox
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